8 Reasons Why Our Marriage Works

Marriage is amazing– but for too many of the people I love it’s miserable. Why does our marriage work? (afternoon brainstorm)… 8 reasons that came to mind… why 8? I don’t know!

  1. I gave directional control of my life to Jesus in 1978 and He calls the shots — marriage was His invention — He knows how it works.
  2. He led me to the conclusion that I was supposed to choose Gail Pucik, swearing off every other woman on the planet, and spend my life helping her fulfill God’s call for her life.
  3. We pushed through many tough times, refusing to give up — even on bad days when we didn’t like each other.
  4. When we have a bad day, I found that Jesus deals with me, teaching me to love her in new ways, leading me to take the initiative to grow through the tough stuff.
  5. Walking with Jesus and wanting to please Him, I realized years ago that to walk away from her was — for me — to walk away from Him… I can’t stop.
  6. We do life together. As busy as we both are, we have learned the importance of spending time together — and we like it. A lot.
  7. She laughs at my sense of humor.
  8. And I think she’s really, really hot. I do.

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