About EquippingSaints.com

The Story Behind EquippingSaints.com

I originally began EquippingSaints.com in April 1996 under the name The Sermon Source. At that time, there were only a few sermon sites available. Having just completed five years as a bi-vocational minister, I wanted to share resources to help time-strapped preachers, church planters, and young pastors. Free outlines and links ruled the day.

In February 2000, Equipping Saints Ministries was re-launched to assist and encourage pastors and church leaders. As a part-time consulting ministry, I continued to serve churches and missions in areas where help was often hard to find. Published monthly for nearly 1,000 pastors and church leaders, the EquippingToday newsletter became a tool for encouraging and interacting with church leaders around the world.

In 2002, I went to work for LifeWay Christian Resources with the express aim of encouraging pastors and church leaders through LifeWay.com. Modeled after the EquippingToday format, the PastorsToday newsletter was soon being read by 5,200 subscribers across the United States. We also produced a weekly video Pastor’s Partner, a weekly audio program Worship Wired Weekly, and an extensive sermon database for pastors.

In March 2012, I re-launched this site with the intention of exploring what it means to be a disciple who is intimately ruled, eternally inhabited, and deeply loved by Jesus Christ. Enjoy!

How Can We Help?

If you need to interact with me directly, please feel free to contact me at books@equippingsaints.com. If I can’t help you, I know others who can!

My Real Job?

After serving churches across the United States for over four decades, I presently serve as mission strategist for the churches of the Northshore Baptist Association (Louisiana).

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