About Don Pucik

As a boy when I had a toy that stopped working, I would take it apart to see how it worked on the inside. That’s what I did with my life in Christ. When I found myself struggling to live the “Christian life,” I began to explore the Bible to learn how Christians were supposed to work on the inside. That’s when I discovered the rest of the good news: Jesus not only died for me, but now He lives in me!

My passion lies in helping others to know and experience Him. I’m His child living in the Florida Parishes of Southeast Louisiana, who continues to be amazed by God’s love for every human being… especially me!

Some background ministry experiences include…

Northshore Baptist Association, Covington LA (Mission Strategist since 2019)

Wynne Baptist Church, Wynne AR (Senior Pastor)

Arkansas Baptist State Convention, Little Rock AR (Associate Executive Director)

LifeWay Christian Resources, Nashville TN (Editor, LifeWay.Com)

The Peoples Church (First Baptist Church now Church of the City), Franklin TN (Pastor to Singles)

CrossPoint Baptist Church, Baton Rouge LA (Pastor of Membership and Ministry)

First Baptist Church of Lake Charles, Lake Charles LA (Associate Pastor and Minister of Outreach)

Dumas Baptist Church, Dumas MS (Pastor)

First Baptist Church of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills CA (Associate Pastor and Church Administrator)

North American Mission Board, Atlanta GA (Home Missionary and Church Planter, Church Extension Division – CA)

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