On Hope

iStock_000000188278SmallFor the heavy-hearted, fearful, and grieving ones: we are living in a world where every story seems to come to end.

Every happiness is limited.

Every life runs out.

Every relationship ends in separation.

But for those of us that have been rescued by Jesus the Christ, there is an impending unveiling of a very different story that has been forming inside us from the first moment we abandoned ourselves and relinquished our lives into His hands.

The Day is coming when descriptive words will fail as we step into the Presence of our Father…

no limits,

no barriers, and

no ending to His love, His power, or His story.

And we are inextricably and eternally caught up in Him, slipping away from this boot camp existence and into the place we have always belonged.

Lord, give us eyes to glimpse this unseen and certain destiny… our hope.

3 thoughts on “On Hope

  1. apace0628

    Don, great post! I asked Pastor Rick what we should be praying about this Easter and his response: “Hope! There are so many people in the middle of situations that seem hopeless. People need hope this Easter.”

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