Preacher, What Will You Preach This Sunday?

With economies floundering and a potential flu epidemic, it’s natural for someone to reflect on the big questions of life: why am I here? What does life mean? Where is God?

How should a Christian preacher respond?

During World War II, Martyn Lloyd-Jones continued to preach at the historic Westminster Chapel in London every Sunday morning–no matter what. Famous for preaching through books of the Bible, Dr. Lloyd-Jones did two things well.

First, he never deviated from his careful exposition of the Scriptures. No matter what was happening in the world of current events, Dr. Lloyd-Jones believed the best thing he could do for his people was to supply them with a complete diet of God’s Word. Armed with truth, the flock would be best prepared for whatever they might encounter during the week.

Second, he typically integrated observations and insights on current events into whatever message he was preaching Sunday. Although he continued to preach through books, he believed it was important not to ignore current events, but to think through those events biblically.

In 1944 a German bomb exploded near the chapel while Dr. Lloyd-Jones was preaching. A cloud of dust enveloped the congregation, turning everyone white. One woman thought they had all died and gone to heaven!

After a slight pause… Dr. Lloyd-Jones continued preaching and finished his sermon.

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