Described in John 12, Palm Sunday has been observed through the centuries by the faithful, marking the beginning of Holy Week on the Christian calendar. The story is wonderful and a warning at the same time. Proclaiming their support for Christ, the citizens of Jerusalem greeted Jesus on his famous ride into Jerusalem, waving palms and shouting praises before the Lord. However, many of those same citizens were probably part of the same crowd that support His crucifixion.

Palm Sunday is a good time to remember our own tendency to be inconsistent in our service of Christ. Hypocrisy and unfaithfulness is usually someone else’s problem. The television preacher exposed as a philanderer; the church member who professes devotion on Sunday, only to embrace unethical business practices during the week; or the deacon who prays for God’s blessing, while dividing a church with destructive gossip about the preacher. Those are the hypocrites.

Yet, James cautioned that teachers would face a greater judgment (James 3:1). The more we know, the more we are called to live and model before a watching world. What an awesome assignment to be a communicator of God’s Word!

It is easy to get caught up in the duties associated with our ministry — especially during a busy Easter season. Yet, I can’t think of a better time to pause and reflect, asking the Lord to search our hearts and renew our passion for Him. Lord, make us consistent, matching our words with our deeds.

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